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“Haruki®  pioneered a type of far-infrared product that fits closely to the human body. It combines an exclusive formula of far-infrared Nano-ceramic powder with a high-temperature resistant, non-toxic flexible gel to create an innovative far-infrared coating material.

The principle of far-infrared radiation is closely related to our circulation. The most important effect is the activation of endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS) on the inner walls of blood vessels, accelerating the synthesis of nitric oxide. Clinical studies have found that nitric oxide is an essential element in regulating blood circulation. It can repair vascular endothelial cells, dilate blood vessels, lower blood pressure, increase blood flow, and also remove atherosclerotic plaques.”

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Far-infrared therapy has been developed for several decades now. Many clinical application documents related to this therapy are available from various countries, including the United States, Japan, and Germany. We have organized indications from these known applications. All of these are conditions for which there is actual clinical evidence showing symptom improvement. As for other symptoms, it’s not that they might not benefit from the therapy; it’s just that more usage experiences are needed for validation. Overall, far-infrared can help alleviate various symptoms by improving circulation.

Before the launch of the innovative adhesive far-infrared product, it was provided for trial to dozens of users who had been suffering for years from soreness, prostate issues, sports injuries, and sleep disorders. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Some users even reported a noticeable improvement in their symptoms on the very day of trial and expressed a desire to get more samples for their friends and family to try. We are very confident in the effectiveness of our product, as both the test reports from impartial entities and feedback from trial users have reinforced our belief in its efficacy. We welcome you to experience it for yourself.

Common causes of soreness include:
(1) After exercise (2) Resulting from prolonged poor posture (3) Poor circulation of blood and energy (Qi)

Far-infrared radiation can be used to alleviate the various types of soreness mentioned above. From a traditional Chinese medicine perspective, far-infrared radiation can be likened to utilizing the energy from Qi Gong to clear blockages in your Qi and blood circulation, thereby relieving soreness. From a Western medicine perspective, soreness can result from lactic acid buildup after exercise or from long-term poor posture leading to localized poor circulation, accumulating harmful substances causing soreness. Far-infrared radiation can improve local circulation, accelerating the removal of these harmful substances.

The innovative adhesive far-infrared product uses USB direct current (DC) power, complying with the electrical specifications for medical equipment worldwide. Furthermore, direct current doesn’t produce electromagnetic waves, eliminating any concerns during use.

Our bodies are like machines. After being used continuously for decades, certain parts will inevitably age. However, unlike machines, we can’t simply replace our aged organs. The only option is maintenance to mitigate the effects. Far-infrared radiation can be likened to lubricant for an old machine. The principle it operates on is actually similar to what traditional Chinese medicine refers to as promoting the flow in meridians and channels and what is known in folk remedies as Qi Gong therapy. Through the radiant energy of far-infrared, it helps to activate and clear areas where blood and energy circulation are not smooth, thereby alleviating and improving many discomforts and symptoms.

►The main features of the innovative adhesive far-infrared product are its ease of use and significant effects. Currently, most far-infrared products on the market are made as irradiation lamps, which must be used at a fixed location and cannot be used for too long. They cannot provide long-term care for the affected area or be carried around for personal use. Can you imagine carrying an irradiation lamp with you when you go out or travel abroad?

►The innovative adhesive far-infrared product allows you to take it with you wherever you go. As for some products on the market that “claim” to be far-infrared, most of them have limited efficacy or don’t live up to their name, providing only a warm sensation.

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