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Easy Wear (S)

Easy Wear (L)

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Easy Pad (S)

Easy Pad (L)

Home Use, Personal Healthcare

With the accelerating pace of life, modern individuals place greater emphasis on health and a comfortable lifestyle. The “Easy Wear” adhesive heating pad is designed for those seeking a high-quality life.

Convenience: The “Convenient to Wear” design is slim and easy to carry. Whether you’re at home, in the office, or traveling, you can use it anytime.

Comfort: Specifically designed to adhere comfortably to your body, providing an ultimate comfort experience. It won’t generate excessive heat, allowing your skin to breathe freely.

Efficient Health Benefits: Using patented technology, it promotes circulation and offers excellent relief for muscle soreness and fatigue.

Home Essential: For those who work in front of a computer for extended periods or maintain the same posture for long hours, “Convenient to Wear” is an excellent home health companion.

Easy Wear (S) - For Home Use

Stiff neck


Cold hands and feet

Tennis elbow

Rheumatoid arthritis

Sprain and strain

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Plantar fasciitis

Various types of soreness or muscle pain

Degenerative knee arthritis

Varicose veins


Easy Wear (L) Home Use

Frozen Shoulder


Degenerative Cervical Syndrome


Menstrual Cramps


Lower Back Pain

Strain or Sprain

Various Aches and Pains

Prostate Enlargement

Compression Neuropathy

Bone Spur

Easy Pad Personal Health

With the accelerating pace of life, modern people increasingly value a healthy and comfortable lifestyle. ‘Convenience Pad’ Far-Infrared Adhesive Pad is designed for individuals pursuing a high-quality life.

Efficient Conversion: Capable of effectively converting electrical energy into light waves, providing continuous and uniform heat.
Safe Usage: Specifically designed for medical environments, ensuring product quality and safety during use.
Comfortable Sensation: Suitable for extended use, whether in physical therapy or other medical procedures.
Easy to Clean: Surface material is easy to wipe clean, making it convenient to maintain cleanliness and hygiene.
Portable: Lightweight design for easy transport and storage.
Versatility: Suitable not only for medical institutions but also for home or other settings as needed

Professional Use

High Applicability

Soft and comfortable, suitable for use on various parts of the body. The most significant effect is achieved when applied directly to the treatment area.

Safe to Use

Safe with DC power source, no electromagnetic wave concerns. Intelligent temperature and timing control, overload protection.

Simple and Convenient

Simple operation, user-friendly, no need for professional training. Small size for easy storage without occupying treatment room space.

Avoid infection

Suitable for various healthcare settings. High energy efficiency, can save over 80% of energy.

Product Contents

Easy Pad S”:

Heating Pad (25x36cm)
Convenience Pad Cover (S)
Medical-Grade Transformer

Easy Pad L”:

Heating Pad (25x60cm)
Convenience Pad Cover (L)

Product appearance

Heating pad



Applicable areas

130x75x3 mm

9×35 cm, 9×55 cm

DC 5V / 3W

head丶neck丶four limbs

200x100x3 mm

12 x120 cm

DC 5V / 5W


250x360x15 mm

26x37x1 cm

DC 24V / 36W

head丶neck丶four limbs

250x600x15 mm

26x61x1 cm

DC 24V / 60W